Caroline Flack ‘rekindles Danny Cipriani romance with secret meetings after previously ruling out relationship’

It is said that he ruled out a relationship with Danny Cipriani, after being photographed sharing a kiss goodbye earlier this year.

But Caroline Flack has rekindled her romance with the rugby player, as the couple has recently enjoyed a series of secret meetings in London and Cheltenham.

According to The Sun, the island’s host Love, 39, and the 31-year-old sportsman enjoyed the quality time together at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival over the weekend, after Danny’s 19 victories. -19 before the Newcastle Falcons.

One source told the publication: “Everyone assumed that Caroline’s relationship had vanished, but that is far from the case.

‘Every bit of free time they have, they’re pretty close together. Danny traveled to see her in London and she saw him in Cheltenham. She is really interested in him and wants to give the relationship a chance, “they added.

MailOnline has contacted the representatives of Caroline and Danny for comments.

In early April rumors surfaced about the romance of Caroline and Danny after they were seen sharing a farewell kiss at Babington House, the location of Millie Mackintosh and the wedding of Professor Green in 2015.

Kelly Lothario’s former boyfriend reportedly “could not keep his hands off” the television host, who is said to be actively dating after his separation from fiancé Andrew Brady, 28.

However, after their series of appointments, it was said that the couple had canceled things in the romance department.

While new claims suggest that their relationship is heating up, the former X Factor hostess has remained busy as she prepares to present this year’s edition of Love Island.

Caroline, who turns 40 in November, recently defended her interest in younger men, who previously included Harry Styles, 25, Andrew, 28, and AJ Pritchard, 24, saying she was taking control of the label.

The personality of the television told You magazine last month: “As much as some people seem to want me to feel ashamed or ashamed for who I am, I really do not.”

“And if puma is supposed to be some kind of insult, I take control of it and turn it into a badge of honor. I’m Caroline Louise Flack and I’m the queen of the cougars.

She added: “I might sound exasperated but, honestly, I find it fun instead of annoying.”

Danny, meanwhile, has the reputation of being a serial killer to shrug.

She has had many high profile romantic encounters, including models such as Kelly Brook and Katie Price, and even Cheeky Girl, Monica Irimia.

Kelly reportedly left him in August 2013 amid cheating claims, even after they were reconciled from their previous 22-month relationship.

The rugby player also briefly left with Katie, but ended when she allegedly caught him in bed with another woman.

Danny also went out with Kirsty Gallagher, 43, mother of two, for six months. It is said that they canceled the romance in April 2016 because of its 12-year gap.

It’s been a while since Danny was in a well-documented relationship, especially after she denied ever dating mental manager Hope Stubbings, who said she was in a one-year relationship until last summer.

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